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What is the VIP Club?

The VIP Club is an exclusive service limited to a small number of Frequent and/or Corporate Users who will benefit from added features on their account.

What are the added Privileges offered to our VIP Club Members?

· You will receive a complementary refreshment pack everytime you use our service.  
· You will be able to choose and pre-book your preferred Personal Designated Driver (conditions apply)
· You will always be given twenty minutes grace time to allow you to make your way to the agreed pick up point without any rush.
· On request, your driver will wear a suit, shirt and tie instead of the standard branded polo shirt and black slacks uniform.
· All our drivers are experienced and excellent drivers. However, your VIP Drivers undergo specific training in handling super-charged sports cars and/or high end prestige cars.

Please feel free to call 1300 WE-DRIVE (1300 933748) between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM and ask to speak with our VIP Accounts Team Representative.

VIP Club Member Enquiry Form

Please contact us to find out more about the VIP Club Service in your area!

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