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Corporate Club membership enables businesses to provide their employees with a safe and reliable means of getting home following business functions and corporate events. Our aim is to offer you the best possible service at a competitive price. Below are some of the services included in our Corporate Club offering:

Ever wondered if you were just under or over the limit after an extended lunch or dinner with important clients, partners / associates or following office parties / business functions?
Book a WeDrive driver days in advance or just an hour before pick-up. Relax and allow WeDrive to take you and your car or just your car home safely.
Lacking the time or resources to transport, relocate, service or repair your or your company`s car ?
At WeDrive, we understand that time is of the essence. We will collect your car from your home or office, take in to the required location and if necessary return to where the vehicle need to be.
Too busy to drive your car between meetings? Need to pick up overseas or interstate clients, partners or associates from the airport and have them driven to various locations in your company car(s) or minibus?
Let WeDrive take care of the driving for you. We have a large number of bilingual drivers who can communicate with your international guests in their own languages.
Want to organise a day out bonding with your executive team and finish the day relaxing over drinks at the club or pub?
Book a WeDrive driver for the day and let us be your Designated Driver!
Anticipating your executive team may want to enjoy a couple of drinks at the Christmas party, a business function or after an extended meeting or conference?
Book several WeDrive drivers simultaneously and allow your nominated Corporate Account Members to enjoy their time without worrying how they will get their cars home?

With WeDrive, companies can embark on a journey of productive and effective work.

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