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WeDrive gets you AND / OR your car home safe

Taxi. Uber. Chauffeur.

Any of these is a better option than driving home after you’ve been drinking –  hands down. But NONE of them addresses the problem of leaving your car at work or in the city…and then having to come back the next day to pick it up.

WeDrive is a service that pairs you with your own designated driver. The aim is simple: We’re here to get you and / or your car home safe and stop you having to go back for your car the next day, when it probably still isn’t safe for you to drive.

Your own personal designated driver

Here’s how it works. One drink turns into four. All of a sudden you’re not right to drive.

So you open the WeDrive app and book one of our geo-tracked drivers.

They drive your car home (or can drop you off at the next bar and drive your car home for you). Our experts can even help you with essay writing uk. You get to start your next day without having to worry where you left it.

Book in advance or order a driver anywhere, anytime. Join us for free now by simply clicking the button below.

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Track and rate your driver and enjoy WeDrive’s total insurance policy

If you’re like us, your car is your baby. You probably don’t like the idea of a stranger driving it. Which is why we carefully select drivers with impeccable records and above-average driving skills.

These are people who appreciate cars and respect their value. Using the WeDrive app, you can rate your driver and give personal feedback.

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At last you can easily book a designated driver – No matter the time or place

Simply download the WeDrive App and you can book a driver to get you and your car home safely whenever you need to. PLUS with our App you can:

  • GPS track your driver
  • Save your favourite locations
  • Contact and rate your driver
  • Manage your profile and bookings

Download your FREE WeDrive App today, and never leave your car anywhere again!

Why WeDrive beats taxis, Ubers, even limousines…


WeDrive will NEVER stand you up:

Once a booking is confirmed,  our driver will always commit to your booking. No exceptions.


A to B or by-the-hour:

Whichever rate you select, you’ll enjoy our fair and transparent fees.


We insure your car for our drivers:

WeDrive comes with an automatic $20 million total worth of insurance covering public liability and your car! So you can ride home safe with total peace of mind.

Our Partners

Ensure your whole team gets home safe with a WeDrive Corporate Account

If you own or manage a business, WeDrive invites you to open a corporate account. Just like our individual account, it’s free.

It lets you provide your team members with safe and reliable transport home from business functions and corporate events.

You can make group bookings, authorise multiple users and enjoy itemised billing all under the same account.

Plus, Corporate Accounts can also save up to 15% compared to normal rates. Click below to secure your WeDrive corporate booking.

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You’re in fine company when you ride with WeDrive

"I have known Yan for five years and met him when his business was in its fledgling stage. It was such a unique innovation that filled a void in the market. Prompt reliable service ensured we were advocates for this concept. This in turn made us refer many of our friends and family. It is no surprise to us that the business has expanded the way it has which is a credit to Yan and his team. We will continue to support his business."

Glen & Sloane Boss Three-time Melbourne Cup winner

"All staff and executives who deal with corporate clients now have access to the WeDrive corporate account and app. Should they be out entertaining and be concerned about having a drink too many, they can arrange for a driver to take them home, no questions asked. The big positive to emerge from this arrangement is that my team are much more open to entertaining clients and attending functions. It’s no longer the chore it used to be and any additional expense on our part has certainly been worth it. If you are asking your people to build relationships on your business’s behalf, you need to not only ensure they get home safely but that they don’t have to put up with considerable inconvenience in the process."

Michael DusterManaging Director at Oliver Hume Corporation

"I have been using WeDrive Melbourne now for a number of years and thoroughly recommend their service. They are professional and responsible and are a great supporter of the E.J.Whitten Foundation. Don’t take the risk any longer, give WeDrive Melbourne a call and relax as you are chauffeur driven home in your car."

Ted Whitten JrCEO of the E.J.Whitten Foundation

Join WeDrive for free today and use the code FIVE to receive $5 discount towards your first ride with us.

Click here to find out more about the benefits of opening a corporate account.

THE cost effective, convenient, smart way Australia’s professionals, executives and corporations are using to get around or home safely and not have to go back for their car the next day!

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